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11 January
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This is my journal.. there are many like it but this one is MINE!! The opinions expressed here are MINE!! If you find something I've written questionable, please remember MY Journal.. MY Opinion!!

Having said that, I'm not a bad person.. I'm just ME!! I am Pagan, I am a burlesque dancer from Charlotte, NC "Meredith Sparkles" https://www.facebook.com/MeredithSparklesBurlesque/

My interests are constantly evolving - learning and new experiences keep you young and interesting.

I don't take myself too seriously and believe in finding the joy in life. My interests are many, varied and always changing. I love learning new skills and I believe in taking advantage of life's chances. I've been very fortunate and have met some great people through these beliefs.

I'm a Chameleon - I can be what I need to be but I'm pretty selective about who gets close to me in real life.

I add "Friends" because I like their interests, or I like their writing, or I like them. I DO like to be added back but its not a requirement (although I can be a bit OCD about balanced numbers - just sayin!) I like to know people and I like sharing myself. I don't tend to censor myself much on LJ and am one of those people who actually uses LJ as a (gasp) JOURNAL!!!

I hope you like what you read but if not remember it IS MY JOURNAL!!

Trolling for "goodies" about me or those I care about is NOT appreciated.. I HATE Copy & Paste people.. remember.. if its BEHIND a "filter" there's a REASON for it.. Welcome to My World..