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To preface, I just watched the movie Pompeii and found it hauntingly familiar and it reminded me that I needed to write this stuff down again. I had a past life review under hypnosis many years ago and we hit on several "significant" lives in the two hour session.

1) Rome: I was the son of a senator, served in the military. One of my primary soul mates shared this life with me. I had money and influence but my soul mate was killed quite young and it made me bitter and sad. My father had him killed because he was a son of a rival family and he felt that our friendship was threatening to his position. I found out and I killed my father with poison, married my mother and had children with her, and I died at an advanced age, feared, alone and sad. (It seemed to reoccur that the lives where I had money were the lives that seemed to be the most unhappy for me)

2) Celtic (Druid Era): I was a Daughter of the Goddess and died very young (15 or 16) in child bed. This was one of my happiest lives. The child was borne of the Great Rites and the young stag and I fell in love. He is also a significant person for me in this life. In that one I died in the middle of the night and left him alone, in this one he left me in the middle of the night and we really haven't spoken since. Karma = balanced.

3) Victorian/Gilded Age: I was the daughter of a rich family and I was miserable! I did everything right in that life. I obeyed my family, I married well, I had every advantage but I felt unfulfilled and wasted. I didn't accomplish anything and I felt trapped by my position.

4) Civil War - I was a daughter on a southern plantation and died while being raped by northern soldiers. This was the most recent life before this one. I have a very strong, visceral reaction to the blue northern uniform. I don't go to many reenactments for this reason. This life was VERY vivid. I was with a black slave when they broke in and she was so afraid. I cared for her very much - got the impression my mother was dead and I had been running the place with my father and brother away fighting the war. She was like my mother and they took her away and raped me. I got the impression that they didn't intend to kill me but it just kind of happened.

I've also felt connected to Pompeii, Titanic and Ancient Egypt. You can dismiss these things as imagined and that's quite all right with me. I am not 100% sure I buy into it either but I can tell you that a past life regression under hypnosis was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in my life! -Mystrys



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Mar. 20th, 2015 05:41 am (UTC)
I feel the same way, not 100% sure but I've done it myself and it's worth reflection. I'm always some sort of outcast and I always lose the love of my life. I've had enough of losing love and have worked on cleansing to try and break that endless cycle.
Mar. 20th, 2015 01:28 pm (UTC)
I too saw a lot of things that repeated in mine and have been trying to break those cycles. It's interesting to see possibilities even if you don't 100% believe completely.
Mar. 20th, 2015 03:51 pm (UTC)
I've only had one past life regression...ish thing (we were goofing off in high school and it got real for a minute). I had a Victorian life too and I wasn't very happy with the ginormous Cinderella ball gown I had to wear. That may explain why I'm so fashion-averse this time around.
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