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Dreams N Stuff..

I had a kewl dream last night that might have been a little bit of a past life dream..it was very fragmented and I dreamed the same scene over and over like 3 times in a row..

I was in a town at a street festival, it was a roman festival and I had a cart of flowers that I was selling and some friends of mine were there and we were performing acrobatic stunts..suddenly..there was a lot of heavy, thick, grey dust everywhere and we screamed that we had to get outta there..everyone piled on the flower cart and we ran outta there with everyone else..it was total choas and the terror of it all was running from something that was seemingly inescapable.. We did get outside the city walls..it was a walled city and we seemed to be on a little rise of hill..when suddenly this great grey wave of dirt just swallowed up the city..it was there and solid and then this grey wall rushes over it and swallowed the whole thing..from our hilltop we seemed to be safe but the death and destruction were everywhere..then the dream repeated..3 times over..except in each repitition I was more and more magically powerful in the dream..the first dream..I had a strong premonition and everyone allowed me to get them outta there before the destruction..the second repetition..I used magic to convince my friends to leave and the 3rd repitition..I flew over thier heads magically and thus convinced them to leave..

It was a very weird dream and while I SHOULD have been scared and terrified I wasn't..I seemed to KNOW I was only dreaming and in my sleep I KNEW it was a past life!! I have had past life readings that placed me in the Roman Empire at different times..could this have been Pompei?? I don't know..

BTW: I have some stuff to bitch about later..I am trying to THINK about what I want to say on here..more about my fast forward liffe..yeah..i've managed to piss off more people unintentionally.. Cya -Mystrys



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Oct. 20th, 2000 07:16 am (UTC)
Did you read a book about Pompeii before you went to sleep?


Oct. 20th, 2000 07:24 am (UTC)
Re: Nope..
Nope, not at all..I am not really sure what could have brought a dream like this about..but I haven't read about it in a very long time nor have I seen it in documentaries lately..when the story first came out a number of years ago I was avidly drawn to it..I read everything I could find on it at the time..it was just a strange fragmented dream.. -Mystrys
Oct. 20th, 2000 09:19 am (UTC)
Almost Biblical
Sounds almost like Biblical wrath to me. The disaster almost has to be a volcano but I also seem to remember a story about a city being swalloed up by a great sandstorm. SO it could be that as well. Does sound a bit like a past life thing doesn't it?


Oct. 20th, 2000 09:47 am (UTC)
Re: Almost Biblical
It FELT like a Volcano!! It was so sudden in the dream, not many people escaped..the terror was oppressing but it didn't seem to be frightening because I was watching myself!! It was surreal but yeah..it SOUNDS like pompei and I KNOW I was alive several times over the course of the empire..Roma was my most formative period.. -Mystrys
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